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Trends come and go – however, there’s a recent one that I’m a huge fan of. Meditation apps for smart phones. They’re a very useful tool – especially as modern life can be so busy/stressful/demanding. Find out more below and Free Your Mind!

It’s not hard to see how modern living can take a toll. Life moves fast, demands get bigger and keeping up with the pretence of being “Facebook Fabulous” or one of the “Instagram In-Crowd” can be arduous.

Add trying to find work/life balance and meet your professional and personal goals and the pressure really starts to build up.

I’ve spoken previously about finding balance and this needs to include our mental health. One of the best workouts you can give your brain is some meditation time. Luckily there are lots of apps that make meditating convenient and enjoyable.

But before we talk about the apps, let’s discuss the benefits of meditation. This article covers 12 of the many benefits and they’re nothing to be sniffed at; improved sleep, less stress, reduction in age related memory loss. I’m sold just on those 3!

Life is so much better when we have the focus that comes with less stress and more sleep.  You feel more energetic, more creative and more spontaneous – all of which add up to a better you. Now that you’re completely convinced – let’s take a closer look at some of the apps!

Meditate:  I’m relatively new to this app, but it has great reviews in the Google Play store AND it’s the most affordable of three apps I’ll be reviewing. The only downside I think, is the voice which sounds slightly robotic. Check it out on Android and Apple.

Calm: One of the most popular apps and for good reason. It has a great look to it – I like how you can choose your background image – looking at the scenic options is calming. There’s a free 7 day session to try – which teaches the basic of mediation. You may need to pay for additional content. Android and Apple.

Headspace: my favourite of the 3. I really enjoy the animations, which helped me to understand what meditation is all about. I’d always had the impression it was about sitting cross-legged and going “Oooom” but it can be approached very differently. Headspace also has a 7 day free trial after which you may make in-app purchases. Android and Apple.

Here’s a Headspace animation to check out. Enjoy and… Free Your Mind!