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Our Modern Planet. A big statement right?! However, it’s undeniable that times are changing. Very rapidly.

When it comes to talking about the planet Earth – we’re talking about every single person that lives on it. All 7 billion of us.  How we are evolving as a human race.

I found this Huffington Post article really interesting: Something Extraordinary Is Happening In The World, And Most People Haven’t Noticed.

To summarise, the author Gustavo Tanaka, a Brazilian author and entrepreneur lists 8 ways he feels the world is changing. How he has freed himself “from standard-procedure society” and what that could mean for the rest of us.

What really peaked my interest was the references Gustavo makes to small businesses and entrepreneurship. A route I’ve chosen to follow myself and also a passion of mine as I thrive on helping small businesses succeed.

The article is also clever in the way that it reminds us how astronomically powerful the internet is. And how we as a society are still getting to grips with the magnitude of this power.

An undeniable power. With a mind blowing amount of information at our fingertips – the world has become a lot more accessible – smaller… Do you still need convincing how important a good journaling habit is for your overall wellbeing??! 

With the advent of the Internet, the small are no longer speechless. There is a voice. The anonymous become acknowledged. The world comes together

Here’s the list. Some real strong statements for us to mull over…

  1. No one can stand the employment model any longer
  2. The entrepreneurship model is also changing
  3. The rise of collaboration
  4. We are finally figuring out what the internet is
  5. The fall of exaggerated consumerism
  6. Healthy and organic eating
  7. The awakening of spirituality
  8. Un-schooling trends

What a list, hunh?! Check out the full article here and please do post a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts. Our Modern Planet.