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Welcome to the Success Alliance™. You are at the beginning of an exciting journey - a journey into greater wealth and better health.

Welcome from Robyn and Dale Gerke

Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Robyn and Dale Gerke. We have been involved with multi-level franchising for almost twenty years. During that time we have seen many people succeed and many fail in this industry. The one factor that is consistent with successful people in this business is that in order to work smarter they use a system approach for their training and marketing. It is the most effective and efficient way to make this business work.

With our total belief in a system being required to train and market to people in the multi-level franchising industry, we have spent many years developing an exclusively franchised system for our downline. There is no franchise fee for this privilege. This system is broadly marketed under the label of the Success Alliance™ which produces and publishes the marketing and training materials that are available exclusively to you and your groups (provided that you are involved with us). These tools are supplied at cost price. Additionally, Success Alliance™ Websites and autoresponders are available through our sales staff (more details below).

We have made all our training and marketing files available online. The training material is an especially good starting point for the new distributor. We highly recommend that you access whatever you feel necessary for your particular situation. If you have any difficulty in selecting materials then we suggest:

  • Talk to your sponsor
  • Ask your upline Executive (or someone higher)
  • Call Robyn Gerke

We wish you well in your venture and let us assure you that using the Success Alliance system really works. It is only a matter of getting it to work for you. That is where this system can be of great benefit to you in establishing your business.

Kind regards,
Robyn and Dale Gerke