Get Your Own Website

You can get your very own Success Alliance™ website which contains information on:

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Success Stories
  • About me (this is your own personal page for you to edit)*
  • About the Success Alliance™
  • The Ultimate Choice/What If? audio files that your prospects can listen to online
  • Multiple other Marketing audio files that prospects can listen to online
  • All the training CDs are now online and available to be downloaded from your own website

* The About me page can be completely personalised with your own message and pictures.

We are now living in the internet information age, so why not make the best use of the brilliant technology that we have available and get a fantastic website for yourself? Ask for more information about this.

The cost of a new Success Alliance™ website (and autoresponder) is $220 (including GST). This provides you with a website for TWO years (including web site hosting). You can change your About Me page anytime.

You also get an autoresponder system for TWO years included with this price. Ask for more information about autoresponders.

You get numerous audio files provided online that you can send to your contacts - anywhere in the world

You also can access all the audio training system from online.